We Now Live in a World Where Domino’s Delivers Salads

Domino’s just announced the launch of several prepackaged salads available for delivery nationwide starting this month

Domino’s salads: For that one friend who refuses to eat unhealthy takeout.

Domino’s announced the launch of a newer, healthier initiative: salad delivery.The pizza chain, known for its over-the-top creations like a burger pizza, will now offer three prepackaged salad options for those who are looking for a more health-conscious choice than pepperoni pizza and cheesy breadsticks.

The options include a classic garden salad, a grilled Caesar salad, and a chicken apple pecan salad that Joe Jordan, chief marketing officer at Domino’s, says, “might even lure a few pizza lovers over to the salad side!”

“Now everybody can be happy on pizza night,” Jordan said. “There’s no shame in wanting salad when everyone else wants pizza, especially now that Domino’s has found a perfect way to offer even more options for customers across the country.”


Domino’s is not making the salads on site and is instead partnering with Ready Pac Foods to create the prepackaged salads, available for $5.99 each when paired with mix-and-match items like medium pizzas, wings, sandwiches, and pasta.