We’ve heard of stranger food combinations, but this one is dairy bizarre.


Wayback Burgers Surprised People With Free Cheez Whiz Milkshakes on April Fool’s Day

Wayback Burgers pranked everyone with the announcement of this strange new cheesy concoction, and then brought it to life

Wayback Burgers almost fooled us when they sent over a fake press release for a Cheez Whiz Milkshake. After all, with all of the weird food combinations out there (like Cracker Jack hot dogs), was a vanilla milkshake mixed with artificial cheese so far-fetched?

It turned out to be an April Fool’s Day prank. But the joke’s on us: At select locations, Wayback Burgers handed out free Cheeeesy Gold Milkshakes to anyone who was daring enough to try it.

“We’re excited to announce our newest milkshake flavor creation – the Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake,” said John Eucalitto, president of Wayback Burgers in the bogus release. “There’s nothing on the planet that can’t be enhanced by cheese. As such, we wanted to create a unique milkshake that would melt the hearts of cheese lovers everywhere, and I’m happy to say that we have. The Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake is made with premium vanilla bean ice cream and America’s favorite liquid gold – Cheese Whiz. We’re confident that cheese lovers – like us – will love it!”

The milkshakes were available in one size (12 ounces), and were limited to one per customer. Participating locations included Los Angeles; Coconut Creek and Lithia, Florida; Kingston, Saugus, and Worcester, Massachusetts; Rochester Hills, Michigan; East Northport, East Meadow, and Canarsie, New York, along with locations in the Hartford, Connecticut, area.

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