WATCH: People Make Burger Patties Out of Flies, Eat Them

This takes the concept of ‘farm-to-table’ to a whole other level

These are the burger patties are made out of flies.

Insects are known to be a source of protein and nutrition, but would you eat a burger patty made up entirely of flies?

This video shows how people in Africa make burger patties out of midges — small flies found in upland and lowland areas. These midges are prevalent during Africa’s rainy season and travel in swarms.

People in Mozambique catch these flies using bowls — even the kids can do it. Then, they mash up the dead flies in the bowl and craft them into burger patties. Once there are enough flies to make a patty, they heat up a cast-iron plate over a fire and fry the patties in some oil.

The burgers are said to be seven times more nutritious than a regular beef burger. A Reddit user tried these burgers in Mozambique and said that they were “pretty much tasteless.”

Though the burgers do look a bit terrifying, at least they take care of the fly problem and provide as a nutritious meal packed with protein.