WATCH: This Pastor’s Hilarious Musical Ode to the Return of Blue Bell Ice Cream


Most people scream for ice cream. Pastor Fred sings for it.

Remember Blue Bell, the Southern ice cream company that temporarily shut down due to a dangerous infestation of listeria? Well, they’re back, and fans couldn’t be happier (although many are still skeptical of the product’s safety). But we’d argue that no one is quite as happy as Pastor Fred Thomas, who created a series of jubilant gospel videos celebrating the return of the almighty Blue Bell.

“Oh Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country, we can’t wait ‘til you get in the stores and you’ll have to come back for more,” he sings in the first Blue Bell-inspired video. Pastor Fred has followed his original video up with other musical praises for his favorite frozen treat. In one video, he even blames “Lester” for the evil that is the disappearance of Blue Bell (in case you missed it, “Lester” refers to listeria).

Pastor Fred, whose favorite flavor is butter pecan, is still waiting for Blue Bell to come back to his grocery store. The ice cream is returning slowly to shelves throughout this fall.

Watch the video below.