Watch This Mesmerizing Video Of A Surgeon Implanting A Cadbury Egg Into A Peep

Just call him Dr. Victor Frankenfoods.

The Food Surgeon — probably one of the more deliciously bizarre food channels on YouTube — has put up a new Easter-themed video and it's mesmerizing.

You can watch The Food Surgeon perform what he calls a "Peep Laparotomy," or surgically implanting a Cadbury Crème Egg into a marshmallow Peep: melding together two of our favorite Easter treats through science and unshaking, latex-covered hands.

First, the Food Surgeon lays down the Peeps as gently and carefully as if he were handling a real-life patient. Then, he takes a surgical knife and separates one Peep from his mallow-y brethren. He then makes a careful incision and creates a small pocket in the heart of the Peep, gently hollowing it out. Next, by carefully slicing through the aluminum foil on the Cadbury egg and bisecting the chocolate egg down the middle, he reveals the gooey innards of the "implant" and — using the crème as a sealant — he begins filling the hollow center of the Peep with the Cadbury crème.

That is what we call a medically-sound sugar rush procedure.