Watch: Huy Fong Foods Founder David Tran Explains How Sriracha Gets Made

In a new video from Hypebeast, Huy Fong Foods founder David Tran takes us on a tour of the company behind Sriracha, the beloved chili sauce that has saved an unknowable number of mediocre meals since the company's debut in 1980.

For starters, we learned that Tran named his company after Huy Fong, a boat that allowed him to escape from Vietnam to Hong Kong in 1978 during a period of economic crisis and widespread famine.

The soft-spoken Tran started his company two years later and packed the first bottles of Sriracha by hand. "We tried to make the flavor good and the taste special," Tran explains by way of the most charming understatement ever. "I love that taste."

The recipe for Sriracha — a mix of chilies, vinegar, salt, and minced garlic — has remained unchanged since its inception, except that the chilies have gotten spicier. Tran has sourced his chilies from the same farm since 1980, and even then understood the value of keeping his produce local. A new batch of chilies are collected once each year, and sent to Huy Fong Foods within the next three to four hours. That batch is big enough for a full year's worth of Sriracha sauce.

As Tran knows better than anyone and would like to confirm, "you can put Sriracha on everything. Every food."

Watch the full video below: