Watch: An Exclusive Clip from ‘Deli Man,’ in Theaters Friday, March 6

‘Deli Man’ is in select theaters now
Deli Man

Why is matzo ball soup unlike any other soup?

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Watch: An Exclusive Clip from ‘Deli Man,’ in Theaters Friday, March 6
Deli Man

In ‘Deli Man,’ director Erik Greenberg Anjou explores the rich and resilient history of Jewish food in America. 

Deli Man, the documentary film that follows David "Ziggy" Gruber — the owner of Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen Restaurant in Houston, Texas, and a third-generation Jewish deli owner — premieres in theaters Friday, March 6, and we’ve got a special clip of the film to help entice you.

The hour and 31 minutes is a full sensory experience of the classic deli foods that Ziggy, described by his brother as “an 80-year-old Jew” since nearly his infancy, loves the most — think corned beef, chopped liver, and matzo balls — while also exploring his deep connection to Jewish culture.

Throughout the film, Ziggy and fellow deli owners and eaters across the continent share an acute awareness of the way that the humble deli has helped tether them to their Jewish identity.

Meanwhile, director Erik Greenberg Anjou tracked down some of the country’s most devoted fans of Jewish food.

You’ll see Larry King, Ben Stiller, and legendary American lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who shows up just to say “pastrami.”

Watch an exclusive clip from the film above, and the trailer below:

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