Video: David Chang Chases and Chops Down a Turkey for the Holidays

In this video, David Chang karate chops a turkey because he hates turkeys

David Chang thinks the turkey should be taken off its Thanksgiving pedestal. 

Momofuku founder and unrelenting turkey-hater David Chang takes out his frustrations about (what he feels is) the most overrated fowl in this video from Chang and Lucky Peach
“Hello everybody, I’m David Chang, and I hate turkey. It sucks,” says Chang, behind whom a giant turkey dances tauntingly. Chang chases around a giant (man dressed as a) turkey and they proceed to brawl before Chang chops the turkey with a giant butcher’s knife.
If you share David Chang’s distaste for turkey and would prefer a different star at the Thanksgiving table, perhaps this video will ease your suffering. And if you’re looking for a Chang-approved alternative route to Thanksgiving, read his “Changsgiving” essay in GQ and check out that recipe for his mom’s braised short ribs.
You should also check out Lucky Peach’s holiday issue, which Chang promotes by setting on fire with a blowtorch. Holiday features include “Averting Thanksgiving Disaster with Bourdain” and an exploration of the high Voodoo holidays of Haiti. 
Watch the turkey attack on David Chang's Facebook page. 
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