Watch a Customer Get Into a Screaming Match With a Restaurant Owner Over Slimy Seafood

A customer at a restaurant in Neptune City, New Jersey, posted a video of an altercation with the restaurant owner

Things got so heated that the cops had to be called.

The customer is not always right — in fact, sometimes the customer really ticks you off, at least according to one New Jersey restaurant owner. Tiffany Sharhon, a customer at Soul on the River in Neptune City posted a video on Facebook of a serious altercation between her and the owner, referred to as Mona. The argument was over a $12 seafood takeout order, which was described as “wet, slimy fish and foul food with no taste.”

The video, which has almost 4,000 shares on Facebook, contains some pretty “not safe for work” language and depicts the owner repeatedly shoving the food back at Sharhon and shouting, “Get out of my place of business. Get the (expletive) out of my place of business.”

Eventually the police were called to the scene to de-escalate the issue.

“I tried to support this young black woman's business and this is what I got today ... waited a hour for delivery and the restaurant is in Neptune,” Sharhon wrote in her Facebook post. “Mona ‘the owner’ said my $12 doesn't mean s--- she'll still be in business, the cops were called on me and I finally got a refund.”

Since the altercation has gone viral, Soul on the River’s Facebook and Yelp pages have been littered with negative comments and one-star reviews.


The Daily Meal has contacted the restaurant for more information.