Watch: Chinese People Eat Panda Express for the First Time

The menu ranges from somewhat accurate to nonexistent in traditional Chinese cooking

“This better suits Americans,” said one gentle reviewer. 

BuzzFeed puts mall food court-staple Panda Express to the test in a new video, “Chinese People Try Panda Express for the First Time.”

It’s an area of mystery that has been pondered by many, and BuzzFeed found a pretty diverse sample size of first-time Panda Express samplers to work it out for us.

The team tries a variety of items from the Panda Express menu, including egg rolls, chow mein, fried rice, hot and sour soup, and orange chicken.

Some of it has at least a familiar counterpart in traditional Chinese cuisine, and some things are entirely American. The comments ranged from “It’s okay” and “I don’t know what’s in here” to “This is tasty Chinese food that Chinese people would accept.” The general consensus, though, is summed up neatly by one reviewer: “You can’t expect it to be the same as our traditional Chinese food.”

Watch the full video below: