Watch This Baby Be Utterly Confused and Fascinated by Cranberries

The cute baby can’t make up his mind, shows everyone what simultaneously loving and hating something looks like

Not everyone loves cranberries, but this baby can’t quite decide where he stands.

New foods can sometimes be a little scary. You might love them, you might hate them. But what happens when you both love and hate a new food?

Enter this adorable baby, who was taped trying cranberries for a minute. And luckily for all of us, his reaction was utterly priceless. He puts a cranberry in his mouth and immediately reacts like it’s the tartest thing he’s ever eaten (probably because it might be the tartest thing he’s ever eaten). However, once he has finished one berry, he immediately goes for another. And so the cycle continues:

It’s almost as if the baby is a cartoon character that never learns. Each time he pops in a cranberry, his face puckers up, his eyes go small, and it even looks like he might cry. Then, in an instant, everything returns to normal, as the curious (and stubborn) baby goes back in for another round.

In between shots of almost painful puckering, this baby gives everyone looks that practically scream, “WHOA! These things are good.” He even starts dancing in his seat like he’s vanquished the foe that is the tart berry.

To cranberry-lovers out there, this may not seem like such a huge deal; after all, cranberries are quietly awesome, and do a whole bunch of cool things. But to anyone who hates that weird tart taste, you have to hand it to this kid for trying (and eating) something even you won’t touch.