WATCH: American Kids Try Dinners From Around the World

YouTube channel Watch Cut and food app SideChef teamed up to serve children international dishes

The boy really enjoyed eating fish eyeballs!

The kids are at it again! Last month, we watched American children try school lunches from around the world. Now, they are back to try international dinners.

The Watch Cut YouTube channel teamed up with the food app SideChef to serve children dinners from around the world and gauge their reactions to the meals. A chef from the app prepared all of the dishes onsite, and the kids’ reactions were hilarious.

First, they ate kalua pork, laulau, and poi (mashed taro plant) from Hawaii. The poi intrigued them the most. Someone said, “This looks like paint,” and “I swear it just moved!” But, they seemed to enjoy the kalua pork. “This stuff tastes like bacon!” someone exclaimed.

Next up was bandeja paisa from Colombia — which is usually a mix of beans, rice, pork skin, meat or chorizo, plantains, avocado, and a fried egg. This particular recipe had pork belly, which did not fare well. The kids said, “is that larvae in there?” One of them even spat it out!

Then, they were served vegetarian borscht and innocently mistook the dollop of sour cream at the top for ice cream. The next course was Valencia Paella from Spain topped with a surprising meat — rabbit.

“It smells like dog poop,” one of the kids said.

After, the chef made an Israeli chicken schnitzel. Two of the children were excited about lettuce, and one of them said, “Hold the phone, is this pita?” When the people behind the camera said it contained baba ghanoush, the Middle Eastern dip made primarily out of eggplant, the boy proceeded to say, “If somebody had a name like that, that would be so sad.”

Finally, the kids ate a whole steamed fish prepared Chinese-style. Surprisingly, one of the kids really liked eating the eyeballs!

“The eyeball is the most delicious part,” he said. “I think Chinese kids have a good opportunity to eat fish eyeballs.”