Want to Own a Part of a Restaurant? Just Eat a 30-Pound Burrito

Don Chingon in Park Slope is allowing people to own 10 percent of the restaurant if they complete this challenge

Eat a 30-pound burrito and drink a Ghost Pepper margarita to own 10 percent of Don Chingon.

Have you ever wanted to partly own a restaurant? Well, here’s your chance. The catch is that you have to eat and finish a 30-pound burrito first!

Don Chingon is a new Mexican restaurant that opened in Park Slope, Brooklyn and they started a fun initiative called The Grand Chingon Challenge to allow people to partly claim ownership of the restaurant.

To enter the challenge, you first have to put down a $150 entrance fee. Then, you will have one hour to finish eating a 30-pound burrito made with steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans, and salsa, and drinking a margarita made with the terrifyingly spicy Ghost Pepper.

Challenge participants will be disqualified if they leave to take a bathroom break or discharge any bodily fluids. That means you can’t cry or have a runny nose from drinking the Ghost Pepper margarita.


Anyone who completes this challenge can proudly claim 10 percent ownership in the restaurant. Don Chingon also notes that they will not accept any responsibility for death or illness, and ownership of the restaurant is non-transferable upon death.