Waitress Takes Care of Cancer Patient’s Bill at a New Jersey Pizza Shop

This New Jersey couple was surprised to find a heartfelt note on their receipt

This is the note Daniela Bossi left on the Lewallens' bill.

A couple in Hamilton, New Jersey, was treated to unexpectedly heartfelt service at Brothers Pizza on Route 33.

Rick and Annette Lewallen don’t eat out often — Rick was diagnosed with brain cancer, and medical bills have put a burden on the couple. On August 27, their server, Daniela Bossi, 17, decided to take care of their pizzeria bill to help them out.

“For putting up the biggest fight, this one is one me,” Bossi wrote on the couple’s receipt.

Bossi’s act of kindness made a world of a difference for the Lewallens, and the couple expressed their gratitude on social media. “It was a vote for humanity,” Annette wrote on her Facebook page. “I’ve finally stopped crying about it,”

“It was something so small,” Bossi told NJ.com, “I didn’t think it was any big deal.”

Bossi has known the Lewallens for years — she went to school with both of their children, and her younger sister is best friends with one of their kids. “I did it because their family has always been there for my little sister,” Bossi said.


When she told her bosses about her good deed, they reimbursed her and said they were behind her “100 percent.”