Is Waffle Pizza the Next Cronut?

Seoul Waffle Pizza is taking Los Angeles’ Koreatown by storm

This winning combination is the first of its kind, according to owner James Kim.

Food mashups, or hybrid foods, can be a hit or miss, but one Los Angeles restaurant has come up with an epic pairing that we’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of first.

Seoul Waffle Pizza in Los Angeles has taken two foods that are already popular and combined them to create a tasty, and, more importantly, highly Instagrammable food.

When asked by Los Angeles Magazine if the restaurant is a Korea-based chain, 22-year-old owner James Kim said, “No, it only exists here… We just kind of made it up.”

“I was in New York for a year and a half, and I got really into pizza there. I didn’t know it could be so light and crispy like that,” Kim said. “I also really, really love waffles. And since I’m Korean, fusion waffle pizzas became the idea.”

Waffle pizza varieties include pepperoni, with fresh mozzarella, margherita, oregano, and, of course, pepperoni; Seoul lover, which is made with house bulgogi, mozzarella, corn, and grilled kimchi; and holy brunch, featuring egg, potato, mozzarella, bacon, and parmesan cheese.


For the pizza, Kim uses a water and baking powder-based batter, which is cut with rice flour “so that it doesn’t taste bready.” It is then cooked in a shallow, square waffle iron before being topped with a variety of ingredients. There is an option to add a side of real maple syrup for $1.50, because why not?