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Vending Machines of the Future Just Might 3D Print Custom Snacks

Researchers in Finland are working to develop advanced food manufacturing technologies

Scientists at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd are working to develop “advanced food manufacturing technologies” with a long-term goal of developing high-tech vending machines “that provide customized purchases” using 3D printing technology, according to Science Daily.

Nesli Sözer, principal scientist at VTT, says, “[A] great deal of work is needed in order to proceed to industrial-scale production. Equipment needs to be developed in addition to materials. Such equipment could be developed for domestic 3D food printing as well as vending machines.”

Focus is being placed on developing “healthy, nutritious food,” playing on different elements and structures consumers look for in food. It is working in collaboration with the Aalto University to 3D print “multi-textural food structures in a techno-economically feasible and sustainable way.”

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