Vegas Lounge Under Fire for Asking Woman to Remove Her Hijab

“It's like telling a woman to stand in front of a bunch of people and be completely naked”

Management claims they have stuck by the no-headdress policy for 10 years.

The Peppermill Fireside Lounge on the Las Vegas Strip received backlash after prohibiting a woman from wearing her hijab on Nov. 25. 

"I wear a hijab all day and … I've never been treated like that ever," Louvenia Daan, who wears a hijab because of her religious beliefs, told KTNV Action News.

According to one of Peppermill’s managers, the no-headdress policy is used for security reasons: Guests are unable to wear anything that can cover their faces from surveillance cameras, the news station reported.

Peppermill Resorts released a statement about the policy on Dec. 1, explaining that the rule was put in place because of “past gang activity in the area,” but there was a religious exemption that was clearly miscommunicated. The statement continued:

"The Peppermill deeply regrets this request and apologizes for asking a customer to remove a head covering that was clearly exempted from the policy.

“Because of this unfortunate incident, the Peppermill team has had an opportunity to review the Fireside Lounge’s headwear policy and has decided it is no longer necessary. All corporate Peppermill policies and individual policies of other Peppermill properties have never prohibited headwear or head coverings. The Peppermill has taken swift action to remove this Fireside Lounge policy to ensure that no future miscommunications occur and that it complies with Peppermill corporate policy."


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