Utah Man Ate at Benihana, ‘Salt Lake’s Best-Kept Secret for Lunch,’ 579 Times Last Year

Jack King says he never tires of the menu and usually eats chicken or shrimp

King was given a trip for two to the Benihana location of his choice, plus $1,000 toward another year of meals.

Jack King, a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, won the 2014 Passport Challenge, created by Benihana, for a very particular feat: he ate at the chain 579 times in 2014 alone.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the 51-year-old electrical salesman has been eating at Benihana — the same chain that pursued legal action against a rapper named “Benny Hunna” — in Salt Lake City for at least the last decade, and he “never gets weary of the menu,” a true accomplishment for a restaurant at any level.

“I normally go four times a week,” King told The Salt Lake Tribune. “It's Salt Lake's best-kept secret for lunch. It's the same meal you get at dinner, only a slightly smaller portion.”

In case you didn’t already notice, 579 times is more than once per day, which makes that kind of menu mileage all the more impressive.

It was the general manager of King’s local Benihana who encouraged the already-noted regular to participate in the challenge, which rewards two winners based on the number of Benihana locations visited across the country, and the total number of visits to Benihana. King beat his next closest competitor by roughly 200 visits.

“For me, if I'm having a bad day, it cheers me up,” said King. “If it's a good day, it's my reward for good performance.”


For his dedication, King will receive a trip for two to any Benihana location in the United States as well as a $1,000 gift card.