Utah Governor Approves Bill Banning Cyclists From Drive-Thru Windows

The bill counters an earlier Salt Lake City mandate that says that businesses must serve cyclists alongside drivers

Flickr/Daniel Oines/CC 4.0

Governor Herbert’s bill would prohibit cyclists from entering drive-thru windows. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Daniel Oines/CC 4.0)

A bill approved this week by Utah Governor Gary Herbert would enable restaurants and other businesses to ban cyclists and pedestrians from drive-thru lanes, reports The Associated Press. The bill would override an earlier Salt Lake City mandate that says restaurants must offer service to cyclists if drive-thru service is available while the lobby is closed.

The Salt Lake City measure was previously proposed by a city council member who suggested that the move would make the city “less car-centric and prevent businesses from discriminating against cyclists who want to get a meal on the go,” according to the AP.

Other lawmakers, however, have countered that allowing cyclists to operate alongside motor vehicles in drive-thru lanes is more dangerous than fair. Lawmakers reportedly also bristled against the idea that local government should be able to tell businesses how to operate. Governor Herbert’s statewide measure would protect businesses from having to serve customers in what they believe to be unsafe conditions. 

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