USDA Approves Chobani Greek Yogurt As Meat Alternative In Public Schools

In a bid to bring Greek yogurt to schools across the country, the USDA has selected Chobani for the job. Starting this fall, Chobani Greek yogurt will be available in public schools nationwide, and will serve as a protein alternative for students in K-12 public schools.The move follows a successful pilot program in schools across Idaho, New York, Arizona, and Tennessee, as well as the USDA's April announcement that Greek yogurt will become a permanent part of the nationwide school lunch program.

"Most kids are only getting half of the recommended amount of dairy they need each day, so they're missing out on getting the protein, calcium, and other nutrients they need for their health," said  Dr. Robert Post, senior director of nutrition and regulatory affairs at Chobani. "Greek yogurt is a great way to make sure that kids meet their nutritional needs, and Chobani's participation in the first nationwide USDA school lunch program with yogurt allows us to help address this public health concern."

Each cup of plain Chobani Greek yogurt contains 15 grams of protein, or about 30 percent of your recommended daily value. Chobani will be specifically distributing cups of blended 0 percent Greek Yogurt in blueberry, strawberry and vanilla varieties.