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US Marshal Allegedly Points Gun at McDonald’s Cashier for Long Wait Time

Apparently he grew impatient while waiting for his order

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One customer said she may not go back to the McDonald’s location because of the incident.

This past weekend, the off-duty United States Marshal who was arrested and charged after allegedly pointing his gun at a McDonald’s cashier in Brooklyn was released without bail.

Deputy Marshal Charles Brown was allegedly drunk when he entered a McDonald’s in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn at 1:20 a.m. on Saturday and had an encounter with cashier Joanna Diaz, the New York Post reported.

After reportedly pointing his loaded weapon at Diaz because of the long wait time, he then turned the gun at a customer who tried to come to Diaz’s aid. Brown then fled after receiving and paying for his order, according to sources.

Brown was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court for charges of menacing, harassment, and violating firearm license regulations, Brooklyn Eagle reported.

The judge also issued an order of protection for that McDonald’s location and Diaz.

According to the Post, Brown declined to comment on the incident.


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