Get rid of your parking fees and help someone in need: Iit’s a win-win.


This U.S. City Offers to Waive Parking Violations in Return for Food Pantry Donations

From now until December 18 Lexington, Kentucky, is accepting canned food donations in lieu of paying your parking tickets

At this time of the year, demand for food pantry supplies is astronomical. One U.S. city has thought of an incredibly creative way to get residents into the charitable spirit this year. In Lexington, Kentucky, between now and December 18, your unpaid parking ticket will be waived if you donate canned goods.

Ten cans of food are worth $15, so if you have a ton of Campbell’s soup lying around the house, you could potentially pay off an entire parking ticket and do some philanthropic work at the same time.[slideshow: 1645700]

The city’s parking authority is working with God’s Pantry Food Bank, which is looking to stock shelves and feed their patrons during the holiday season.

"One expired parking meter ticket could mean two meals for hungry Fayette County families," God's Pantry CEO Marian Guinn told the Associated Press.

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This is the second year that Lexington has enacted this “Food for Fines” program. In 2014, they received more than 6,200 cans of food, a number they hope to exceed this year. This year, any parking citation issued by either LexPark or the police department is eligible to be waived in the program.