Unique New Food Hall Comes to Oregon with Wine Shop, Pizza Oven, Bakery, and More

Provisions Market Hall, the brainchild of chef Stephanie Pearl Kimmel, opens this summer in Eugene, Oregon

European-style food halls come to the Pacific Northwest.

Think outside the restaurant: Food halls are definitely the trendy new way to experience the farm-to-table movement. Hailing from Europe, the food hall falls somewhere between a farmers market, a hawker center, and an upscale food court. And they’re popping up everywhere. In the next couple of years, New York will be getting two new food halls: a Nordic food hall from Claus Meyer inside Grand Central Terminal, and Anthony Bourdain’s Singaporean-style food hall, which will open later this year. But don’t despair, West Coast: you’ll be getting a food hall soon, too.

Provisions Market Hall, opening this August in Eugene, Oregon, is the brainchild of chef Stephanie Pearl Kimmel, and will be the reinvention of chef Kimmel's Marché Provisions.  This 10,000-square-foot food hall, akin to an American Eataly, will hold a butcher shop, fishmonger, produce section, prepared foods, retail cookware and tabletop section, eateries, and a demonstration kitchen. Some of the original parts of Marché — the wine shop, hearth pizza oven, cookbook area, gifts, the salad bar, and the coffee shop and bakery — will still be a part of the new project.

“We want to create a real lively atmosphere of shopping, having a glass of wine with friends, and grabbing something to eat,” chef Kimmel told The Daily Meal. “We want to bring the fun we have with food and share that. We will be uniquely local, but we will be fresh, seasonal, and tell the story of the food you’re eating. We won’t do a static group of items: the food will rotate to show what season you’re in.”

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Each of the provisions in the food hall will feature products from local farms, fisheries, and meat markets. “The result will be an expression of a lifestyle rooted in quality, informed by the professional kitchen and truly one-of-a-kind,” says chef Kimmel.