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UberEATS Made Some Upgrades to Its Services

The company aims to make its services more convenient for users

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The company says it also plans to expand its food delivery services to regions where its car service isn’t, such as in Korea.

Uber is expanding its food delivery services, and its new features are about to make your life a lot easier, TechCrunch reported.


Now, when it comes to selecting what food you order, UberEATS will bump the most frequented restaurants ordered from to the top of your screen for easy access. Additionally, on the of the new features allows you to filter restaurants by average speed of delivery, dietary concerns, and price range.


With the new update, you also don’t have to worry about rushing outside to grab your order — one of the new features allows you to give your driver specific instructions on where you want the food to be dropped off or picked up.

Lastly, the company has added tracking abilities that allows you to see the status of your order, from its preparation to its delivery.


“Some of these things are in the process of launching right now, some have launched a little prior to this discussion,” Calvin Lee, product manager at UberEATS, told TechCrunch. “I think it just speaks to the work that our restaurant team, and our city operations and our sales team have been putting into bringing partners on board.”