Uber Is Sending Real Grandmas Around Chicago to Cook Free Homemade Meals

The Sausage Nonnas will prepare homemade meals in their tiny mobile homes and deliver them around Chicago for free

Is this the cutest promotion in the world, or what?

On Sunday, November 8, Uber is sending a fleet of three real live Italian grandmas to cook dinner for Chicago residents as part of a partnership with Johnsonville Sausage.

The “Sausage Nonnas” will even be hitting the streets in three tiny and adorable homes on wheels — so your meal will be truly homemade — and personally delivering one of three classic Italian dishes: rigatoni, lasagna, and spaghetti and meatballs.

To find a grandma, all you’ll have to do on Sunday is select the “Nonnas” option on the Uber app, and track their tiny house as they make their way to you. The best part is, all the meals will be free, like all grandmas’ food should be.

This very special delivery feature will only last until supplies run out, but most people who request a visit from grandma will be rewarded with a very special dinner.


If all goes well, the traveling Sausage Nonnas will be sent on “additional voyages” in more parts of the country.