Twitter Has Launched an Account Dedicated to the Best Food in Social Media

Twitter just announced the launch of @TwitterFood, a handle dedicated to curating the best food content on Twitter
Twitter Has Launched an Account Dedicated to the Best Food in Social Media
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Delicious-looking food porn? Great culinary coverage? That’s what @TwitterFood is there for.

Where do you go to find the best curated food photos, culinary coverage, and delicious recipes all in one place? We know your immediate response is, “Why, The Daily Meal, of course!” (Stop it, we’re blushing.) But in case you want just a little bit more variety, Twitter has just launched an official account for Twitter Food, curating the best food content circulating the Twittersphere.

The creation of an official Twitter account dedicated solely to food shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering the fact that Twitter already has @TwitterMusic and @TwitterSports accounts.

“There are many thousands of food-related Tweets people send on Twitter each day,” the announcement blog post said. “Today, we’re formally joining that conversation. Whether it’s a beautiful snapshot of a freshly baked pastry, a cooking demo, or even a 140-character recipe, people use Twitter as a place to discuss what we all have in common, regardless of country or culture: food.”

It sounds like a pretty harmonious place, full of delicious content from everyone from the Pete Wells of the world to tiny food blogger with a few hundred followers — because bias isn’t tasty.

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