Twin Peaks Restaurant Loses Franchise Rights After Massive Biker Shootout Leaves 9 Dead

The parking lot outside the restaurant was the site of a deadly brawl that included members of at least five motorcycle gangs
Twin Peaks Restaurant Loses Franchise Rights After Massive Biker Shootout Leaves 9 Dead
Waco Police Department

Twin Peaks headquarters reacted swiftly to the news, immediately revoking the restaurant’s franchise rights

In the wake of the horrific motorcycle gang showdown that resulted in nine deaths and 18 injuries, along with 192 arrests, corporate headquarters for Twin Peaks Restaurant have decided to revoke franchise rights for the Waco, Texas location.

The restaurant had been the subject of considerable security concerns, particularly after introducing a “Bike Night” special, targeting members of local motorcycle clubs.

Although the location issued a statement on Sunday that it deplored the “criminal, violent acts that occurred” and had been in “ongoing and positive communications with the police,” Sergeant Patrick Swanton called the statement a “fabrication.”

On the contrary, Swanton said, “We have attempted to work with the local management of Twin Peaks to no avail. They have continued to allow these bikers to gather here, and this is the culmination of what has occurred.” Swanton described the scene as the most violent crime scene of his entire career.

On Monday, Twin Peaks corporate office released a statement that was immediately revoking the Waco restaurant’s franchising agreement.

“Unfortunately the management team of the franchised restaurant in Waco chose to ignore the warnings and advice from both the police and our company, and did not uphold the high security standards we have in place to ensure everyone is safe at our restaurants, Twin Peaks said in a statement.

“We cannot tolerate the actions of this relatively new franchisee and have revoked their franchise agreement effectively immediately. Our sympathies continue to be with the families of those who died and are very thankful no employees, guests, police officers or bystanders were hurt or injured.”

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