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Turf War Between New York Food Cart Vendors Leaves One Critically Injured

It’s unclear what kind of food was being sold by the vendors

A fight between two food cart vendors on Wall Street in New York City broke out on Saturday, leaving one man critically injured and fighting for his life.

According to police, the battle occurred between Sameh Amer, 39, and Muhammad Uddin, 48, over sidewalk space, the New York Post reported. Police say that Amer pushed Uddin, causing him to hit his head on the sidewalk; however, Amer told ABC 7 a different story, saying Uddin and his brother and owner of the food cart, Mohammad Pasha, started the fight.

“I called the cops — he came with the phone. I drop the phone from my hand, and two guys come and hit me. I've got to defend myself,” Amer said.

Uddin was taken to a hospital, where doctors found that he had developed a blood clot, most likely from the fall. He has since been transported to New York-Presbyterian Hospital under critical condition.

“He's [in] very, very terrible [condition]. And he has four kids. He got four children,” Pasha told ABC 7.

Amer was arrested and charged with assaulting Uddin.

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