Touching: Young Burger King Employee Thanks a 94-Year Old World War II Veteran

A young Burger King employee and future airman in Missouri stopped his shift to thank an elderly World War II veteran

Bridging the gap between two generations of service to our country.

One elderly veteran was more than pleasantly surprised when he was thanked for his service nearly 70 years after he served his country. A Missouri Burger King customer, Tina Readus, caught this touching moment between a young employee and customer Kenneth Haas, who served in the army during World War II.When teenaged Burger King worker and aspiring Air Force airman Divante Nicholson spotted Haas’ veterans’ hat, he interrupted his own shift to come out from behind the counter and shake the 94 year old man’s hand.

The elderly man thought the teenage employee just wanted to see his coupon when Nicholson said, "Oh no, I just want to shake your hand and thank you for your service and for my freedom in our beautiful country.”

Nicholson explained that his dad was in the military and that he plans on joining himself after he graduates high school.


Readus said she almost cried when she saw the interaction between the two men, snapped a photo of them, and posted it on Facebook where it has been shared more than 1,700 times.