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The Touching Reason This Dad Stopped Peeling Oranges for His 18-Year-Old Daughter

The father of two already has a son in college

Jochen Schoenfeld / Shutterstock

Sullivan has been peeling oranges for his daughter since kindergarten.

It’s that time of the year when many parents of high school graduates mentally prepare themselves to send their kids off to college in the fall. One dad, Tom Sullivan of Tacoma, Washington, is celebrating the next chapter of his daughter’s life with unpeeled oranges.

Sullivan told ABC News that he has peeled oranges for his daughter Meg every day for her school lunch.

“Early on it was following my divorce and it was a simple way to show that I’m taking the time to do something for you. I’m always here,” Sullivan said.

For Meg’s last day of high school, Sullivan put two unpeeled oranges in a plastic bag for her lunch with directions from wikiHow for how to peel oranges herself with a note that read: “It’s time baby girl.”

Meg posted the photo on Twitter, which has since gone viral.

“I’m going to miss her terribly, and it’s really sad, but it’s really exciting,” Sullivan said. “This is part of the deal when you become a parent. I went through it once and it was pretty hard and [I'll have to] go through it again. It’s just what you do.”


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