The Crack Shack from Richard Blais Will Serve Chicken and Eggs All Day

In November, Richard Blais and Mike Rosen will open the The Crack Shack next to their restaurant Juniper & Ivy.

“There's no reason an $11 dollar chicken sandwich can't be treated like a $90 roast chicken,” Blais told The Daily Meal.

The fried chicken sandwich frenzy continues as yet another big-name chef, this time Richard Blais of Top Chef All-Stars, is going after the Southern classic — in San Diego, California.

Opening in November, The Crack Shack will be adjacent to chef Richard Blais’ and owner Mike Rosen’s Juniper & Ivy, the California restaurant which counts Copenhagen cuisine among its “current culinary inspirations.”

Focusing on “all day chicken and eggs,” Crack Shack promises an array of both egg and chicken (fried and grilled) sandwiches with house-made sauces and custom-baked bread, plus chicken fat fries and chicken fried farro (a take on dirty fried rice, which includes chicken liver cooked with vegetables in a wok and topped with a sunny side up egg).

“My partner Mike Rosen loves chicken, I love eggs,” Blais told The Daily Meal of the simple decision to tackle the next big chicken sandwich concept.


“We are looking forward to exploring the fast casual genre using the same ingredients we use at Juniper and Ivy, with many of the same chefs participating in the cooking and creative process. There's no reason an $11 dollar chicken sandwich can't be treated like a $90 roast chicken stuffed with foie gras and truffles. Wait, that would be an excellent sandwich.”