Todd English Attempts a Comeback With a New Restaurant

Todd English is opening a 200-seat restaurant inside the W Hotel following a string of scandals in years past

Possibly New York’s most controversial chef is back in the spotlight: this time for culinary endeavors, not personal ones.

Celebrity chef Todd English is probably just as well known for his string of scandals as he is for his high-end New York restaurants like Ca Va.From jilting his fiancé at the altar to being arrested for a DWI, chef English has had his fair share of negative headlines. But he’s looking to make a comeback with a new 200-seat restaurant opening in the W Hotel in New York.

According to The New York Post, chef English is opening “The English” with his son Oliver inside the West Village Hotel this summer. He aims to “bring back American glamor” with a “true celebration of food, drink, and life” with this new eatery.

“This is the start of a renaissance for Todd English,” Brian Crawford, president of NY-based hospitality company BCCP Development, told The Post. “He is focused, organized and looking to get in the kitchen and create at a whole new level.”


Crawford hinted that this won’t be the only restaurant opening from Todd English.