Titanic Lunch Menu and Other Artifacts to Be Auctioned

The menu, from April 14, 1912, and other artifacts will be sold for thousands of dollars
Lunch Menu From the Titanic

Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons/F.G.O. Stuart/Public Domain

This is a photograph of the Titanic in Southampton on April 10, 1912.

A passenger aboard the Titanic saved a lunch menu from the fateful day when the ocean liner sank. This and two other artifacts are expected to be auctioned off for anywhere between $50,000 and $70,000.

The April 14, 1912, menu lists corned beef, dumplings, and other savory items.

Abraham Lincoln Salomon survived the sinking ship by boarding the “Money Boat,” the lifeboat filled with first-class passengers who allegedly bribed seven crew members to row the boat away instead of saving others.

Salomon saved the menu and a printed ticket from a Turkish bath on the ship. These two items, along with a letter sent to him by another lifeboat passenger six months after the Titanic sank, will be auctioned off by online New York auctioneer Lion Heart Autographs.


The auction, which will take place September 30, marks the 30th anniversary of the ship’s discovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.