Tips for Jesus Leaves $3,000 Tip to Server in Salt Lake City

This group of generous tippers strikes again!

A group of people from Tips for Jesus left this server a $3,000 tip.

University of Michigan football fans may have been bummed after the University of Utah beat them on September 3, but this Salt Lake City bar server was treated to a fat tip by some of the losing team’s fans.

Breanne Snow served a group of customers wearing University of Michigan attire at Bourbon House. The group tipped Snow $3,000 on their $505 tab, noting on the receipt that they are from Tips for Jesus and adding “#GoBlue.”

“I went and cried in the corner for a couple minutes,” Snow told The Salt Lake Tribune, explaining that she and her boyfriend both work two jobs to pay off debt. “We're working so hard and never see the payout from it,” she said. “It came as such a relief. He could have picked anyone else in there, and for him to pick me, it meant a lot because we were working so hard.”

Tips for Jesus is an anonymous organization that gives servers large tips as a way of “doing the Lord’s work.”


It just goes to show that people can put their differences — sports-related or otherwise — aside to do something nice for someone.