These New M&Ms Taste Exactly like Butterbeer

Mars, Inc. just released butterscotch M&Ms and fans claim they taste like butterbeer from Harry Potter

Does M&M secretly stand for the Ministry of Magic?

Quirky-flavored M&Ms are becoming almost as ubiquitous these days as bizarre Oreo varieties. But the newest M&M flavor to hit the stands is butterscotch — or, since it’s a Halloween-themed candy, White Chocolate BOO-tterscotch.Although butterscotch candies might bring to mind memories of visits with Grandma, people are already obsessed with this new M&M variety because it apparently tastes just like butterbeer from Harry Potter.

That’s right: Mars, Inc. thought they were just making a simple, festive, October-themed candy, but it turns out that they shook the Harry Potter fandom to its wand core. This is the most exciting candy-related news in the wizarding world since we were introduced to the fairly disgusting Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.


The new M&Ms will be sold exclusively at Target this fall, just in time for Halloween.