These Giant Chocolate Geodes Are Mindblowing and Completely Edible

A 20-year-old culinary student started growing sugar crystals inside giant chocolate eggs, and the result is stunning

Combining the sciences of geology and chocolate in one incredibly cool party trick.

Who needs chocolate eggs when you can have chocolate rock geodes? One incredibly creative CIA culinary student, Alex Yeatts, 20, invented a giant (and completely edible) chocolate rock filled with glittering sugar geodes. Videos of Yeatts splitting open his chocolate creations with a hammer to reveal the colorful rock candy crystals underneath have gone viral.

The results look really impressive and the process took a long time to achieve: Yeatts and his lab partner, Abby Lee Wilcox, spent six months growing sugar crystals inside 12 chocolate eggs for a school project at the Culinary Institute of America.

According to a video published by Insider, they first tempered chocolate and poured it into molds, then filled these shapes with syrupy rock candy crystals, which they allowed to grow under specific temperature conditions inside the giant chocolate eggs.


The result is colorfully delicious, and the largest egg weighed 50 pounds! Needless to say, we hope they got an A on the project.