There’s Human DNA in Your Hot Dogs, Disturbing New Report Says

One of our worst food-related nightmares has been confirmed
There’s Human DNA in Your Hot Dogs, Disturbing New Report Says

Photo Modified: Flickr/Steven Depolo/CC 2.0

Researchers found human DNA in a sample of national hot dog brands, including vegetarian ones.

Human DNA has been found in a sample of national hot dog brands, a troubling new study from Clear Food reveals.

The company, which uses genomic technology to establish the genetic makeup of food, found that, in a sample of 345 individual hot dogs from 75 brands and purchased from 10 retailers, two percent of the hot dogs tested positive for human DNA. 

What’s worse, two-thirds of those human DNA samples came from so-called vegetarian hot dogs, which may no longer hold any appeal to vegetarians around the world.

Clear Food’s report also found that hot dog brands across the board came with “a surprising number of substitutions or unexpected ingredients,” like pork in chicken and turkey sausages — an issue of particular concern for those who abstain from eating pork for religious reasons, like Muslims and kosher Jews.

Of the national retailers tested, Target, Safeway, and Walmart were found to be the most trustworthy, while Oscar Mayer’s Premium Jumbo Beef Franks received the highest Clear Food score of 97 points.


Read Clear Food’s full hot dog report online, and if you’re a vegetarian, consider abstaining from hot dogs until they’re reformulated with less inspiration from Soylent Green. Unfortunately Clear Food’s report does not expressly identify which brands contained human genetic material, so you’ll have to do your own digging around.