There Are Now Cookies and Cream Oreos: We’ve Come Full-Circle

Walmart is selling three new Oreo flavors to compete head-to-head: Cookies and Creme, Jelly Donut, and Caramel Apple

A snack-ception that would blow Cookie Monster’s mind.

We know that Oreo is all about releasing as many new flavors a year as its taste test teams can humanly handle. But this has to be the silliest addition to its never-ending line of Oreo flavors yet: Cookies & Creme.

The flavor may sound like it was made by Xzibit (Yo dawg, we heard you like Oreos in your Oreos), but it’s actually a brand-new flavor exclusively available at Walmart, along with Jelly Donut and Caramel Apple.Fans can vote online on which flavor they want Oreo to add to their line permanently.


Here’s the flavor breakdown: The Jelly Donut Oreo is stuffed with strawberry jelly and dough-flavored crème; the Caramel Apple flavor is a crème duo with a green apple and caramel-flavored crème swirl, and the Cookies & Creme flavor is basically Oreo cookie bits in your regular Oreo crème, which as one BuzzFeed critic pointed out, just basically means less crème overall.