Texas Resident Ticketed for Riding His Horse to Taco Bell

Rick Braun intends to fight the citation, as he says he has been doing this for years without issue

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Braun and his friends were picking up Taco Bell on horseback when their fun was ruined by local police. 

Police have issued a $266 ticket to Rick Braun, a resident of Collin County, Texas (an hour north of Dallas County), for riding his horse to pick up Taco Bell, something Braun says he has been doing two or three nights a week for years, according to WFAA 8, an affiliate of ABC. Fox 2 News puts the citation amount at $255.

“It’s a heck of a lot better than being in a car,” Braun told WFAA 8. Braun and his friends received some unwanted attention from local authorities when, during a seven-mile ride into town, they stopped at a Taco Bell in Allen, Texas, and were cited for riding an animal on a heavily traveled road.

Braun says that at the time, none of the authorities even knew the exact language of the ordinance they were referencing, but local policeman Jon Felty disagrees. “We’ve asked him, please don’t do this,” Felty told WFAA 8.

According to Allen’s city code, “It is unlawful for anyone to ride or drive an animal on a public sidewalk” and “It is unlawful for anyone to ride or drive an animal within any portion of the street or right-of-way of a heavily traveled street.”

Braun told the station that he and his friends plan to fight the citation in court, and will seek clarity on the local ordinance so that they can continue riding their horses wherever legal. 

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