Tennessee Man Finds a 10 Dollar Bill in His Bagged Salad

Would you keep the money if you found it in your salad?

This salad included more than just spring mix and baby spinach.

Kyle Hubbard bought a bagged salad at a Target in Cordova, Tennessee, and found another green item among the lettuce — a $10 bill.

Hubbard purchased the Fresh Express 50/50 Mix on October 21, which contains baby spinach and spring mix. He was concerned that the 10 dollar bill might have contaminated other salads before they were bagged.

“You've seen some salad tainted with E. coli and listeria and those are germs and that's hard to see,” Hubbard told WMC Action News 5. “But when it's a more blatant object that's clearly visible, it's quite concerning how that made it outside the doors of that facility.”

Target’s corporate offices were notified of this incident.

“At Target, we take food quality very seriously,” a spokesperson told WMC Action News 5. “I have shared the information with our team and would encourage you to reach out to Fresh Express directly.”


Target also offered Hubbard $24 worth of coupons, but he declined. It is unclear whether he kept the $10 bill or not.