Teenagers Bought 100 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers to Feed the Homeless in Los Angeles

Two teens bought and distributed fast food for the homeless, and then uploaded footage to YouTube of their good deed

The teenagers spent more than $250 on burgers, snacks, and bottled water for their grateful recipients.

Two Los Angeles teenagers are making headlines after uploading a YouTube video that shows the young good Samaritans buying 100 McDouble cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, and handing out the burgers to homeless people on the street.

The video shows a firsthand perspective of the good deed. One teen, Lance Stewart, is actually a Vine star known for pranking his family and posting their hilarious reaction videos.He and his friend, Adin Kolansky, place the unusually large order (which came to $151.00), much to the surprise of a McDonald’s employee. They then proceed to hit the streets and hand out the food. Most of the people featured in the video acted extremely grateful; many smiled, gave the cameramen two thumbs up, and thanked their McGuardian Angels.

Halfway through the video, the pair run out of burgers, and stop at a convenience store to replenish their supplies with $100-worth of snacks and water bottles. All told, the good deed adventure cost the boys more than $250, with many feel-good returns.


The video has been watched nearly 100,000 times on YouTube. Stewart says he is working on raising money to make even more of a positive impact on the homeless community.