Teachers Inadvertently Consumed Pot-Laced Brownies Left in the Lounge

By indulging their sweet tooth, some teachers got more than they bargained for

Flickr / jeffreyw / CC BY 4.0

Of the three teachers at a Detroit elementary school that felt ill after consuming the brownies, one sought medical treatment.

A sweet treat left in the teacher’s lounge at Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township, Michigan, had an unexpected secret ingredient that left three teachers feeling ill: marijuana. According to The Associated Press, deputies were called to school on Wednesday for a tainted food complaint.

An email from the Huron Valley Schools superintendent Jim Baker alerted staff to the incident. Baker writes, “The matter is under investigation and law enforcement is involved. We urge you to be cautious, not only during this holiday season but at all time with all of the refreshments available.”

Of the three teachers that felt sick, one sought medical attention and tested positive for marijuana. After the deputies recovered the remaining brownies from the teacher’s lounge, tests performed by the Oakland County crime lab showed that the brownies contained the active ingredient in marijuana, THC.

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School officials are working with law enforcement to determine the source of the brownies. It is still unclear whether the brownies were brought intentionally or by mistake.