Taco Restaurant Turns Burglars into Internet Stars

Las Vegas restaurant Frijoles & Frescas turned an unfortunate incident into a viral Internet hit

Its video, Burglars Just Want Tacos, has over three million views.

A break in and burglary is usually no laughing matter, but Las Vegas restaurant Frijoles & Frescas has turned the tables. After being robbed late at night, the restaurant created a marketing ad mocking the criminals using video surveillance footage that was collected the night of the incident. The resulting video, Burglars Just Want Tacos, has over three million views.

General manager Greg Carlson tells Eater, “The idea was to provide something that the public could help us with to find the thieves, but at the same time, try to see the lighter side of what happened. We hope the publicity will help deter similar crimes, especially from businesses in our community.”  Carlson notes that the thieves broke a window but did not steal anything valuable.

At the end of the video some text reads, “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do. They are pretty amazing.” The video then provides photos of the burglars as captured on the surveillance cameras and asks anyone with information to contact the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. At the end of the video, the restaurant invites customers to “come find out why they wanted our tacos so badly.” 

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