Is This Taco-Eating Squirrel the New Pizza Rat?

This squirrel caught munching on a hard shell taco in a tree in Brooklyn is New York City’s new critter obsession

Urban rodents eating human food is fodder for instant memes.

Do you remember the Internet’s obsession with Pizza Rat, the slice-loving New York rodent struggling to get a piece of pizza down the subway steps? The Internet has rediscovered the glory of watching a varmint chowing down on human food with “Taco Squirrel.”

Someone managed to capture a pretty hilarious photo of a squirrel munching on a hard taco shell while perched on a tree branch in a Brooklyn park. The caption of the original photo, shared on Twitter last week, simply said, “Move over, Pizza Rat.”

The whole thing is pretty impressive. The squirrel had to lift a taco shell, which is nearly the length of its entire body, into the high branches of an urban tree. We find that admirable.


Naturally, people can’t get enough of this squirrel with a nose for great Mexican food: