Taco Bell is Testing a Bacon-Stuffed Quesarito

Taco Bell is currently testing a Quesarito with bits of bacon in the layers of cheesy double tortillas in North Carolina

Anything, even Taco Bell, can be improved by adding bacon to it.

Over the summer, Taco Bell came out with its latest cheesy-tortilla, munchies-satisfying menu item: the Quesarito (a burrito/quesadilla hybrid). Now Taco Bell has set out to improve the original Quesarito recipe by adding bacon. That’s right, Taco Bell is testing the bacon Quesarito: crumbled bacon with cheese stuffed between two tortillas and wrapped around a shredded chicken burrito.

According to Brand Eating, the bacon Quesarito automatically comes in shredded chicken, but you can also ask for seasoned beef or steak. Right now, the bacon Quesarito is being tested out in North Carolina, so unfortunately most of us can’t try it. This new Taco Bell concoction is the first menu item for bacon lovers that isn’t breakfast menu-exclusive.

Preliminary Twitter reviews seem to be pretty positive:


The Daily Meal has reached out to Taco Bell for more information on the national release of the bacon Quesarito.