french fries

A Taco Bell in Southern California Is Testing Out ‘Loaded’ French Fries

It has not been confirmed how long the test will run
french fries

The fries can be ordered alone or “loaded” with toppings like guacamole, sour cream, and more.

Taco Bell has expanded its brand to include clothing and accessories, and it’s now testing out a new menu item: loaded French fries.

However, only customers at the Taco Bell location at 4101 Campus Drive in Irvine, California, (near the University of California Irvine campus) get to test out Taco Bell’s newest creation.

According to a Taco Bell employee, the French fries have a mildly spicy “habanero” seasoning, Brand Eater reported.

The new menu item is priced at 50 cents for plain French fries (or 75 cents with cheese), $1 for Supreme fries, and $2 for Bell Grande fries. According to Brand Eater, these prices seem to encourage sampling and may not correspond with prices if the item is officially added to menus nationwide.


Taco Bell serves French fries in Canada, Japan, and Guatemala.