Taco Bell Might Be Coming Out With Hot Sauce Chips

A Redditor just posted a photo of a bag of chips with the famous Taco Bell hot sauce insignia
Taco Bell Might Be Coming Out With Hot Sauce Chips

Could it be? We know plenty of people who would jump for joy at this news.

Taco Bell has been holding out on us. We have word that Taco Bell might soon be coming out with Taco Bell’s signature hot sauce-flavored chips.

We imagine that Taco Bell tortilla chips would taste a little like Doritos spicy nacho chips, but infinitely better, because Taco Bell’s hot sauce is far superior. (How many other fast food sauces are sold in stores?) The bag of chips even tempts us with the slogan “You know you want me.”

Our source is a Redditor who posted this very convincing photo of a bag of Taco Bell hot tortilla chips. The Redditor claims his friend, who works in corporate at Taco Bell, sent him the photo. People on the Internet are known to fib every now and then, so the whole thing could be a hoax, but here’s hoping this product actually makes it to convenience store shelves.

The Daily Meal has contacted Taco Bell, and is awaiting a response. 

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