Taco Bell Debuts Cheese-Filled Burritos

Not for the lactose-sensitive or faint of heart

Burritos are filled with a molten three-cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce.

Is there really such thing as too much of a good thing?

Taco Bell is pushing the limits of cheesy deliciousness by packing its new Cheesy Core Burritos with as much cheese as possible.

Inside each spicy, crunchy, cheesy burrito is “an irresistible core filled with molten three cheese blend,” nacho cheese sauce, and a choice of crunchy corn tortilla strips or diced jalapeños. This cheesy core is then “surrounded by seasoned beef, white rice, and a flavorful sauce.”

The new menu item was first spotted in a test in March, and Brand Eating likens it to a reverse Quesarito.

The Cheesy Core Burrito is the chain’s first burrito wrapped around melted cheese. It is available at Taco Bell locations nationwide for $1.99.


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