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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Debuts $1 Breakfast Menu

$1 Morning Value Menu includes 10 breakfast items

Taco Bell is bringing back the dollar menu and upping its breakfast game with its new $1 Morning Value Menu.

In a release, the chain shares its findings from a “breakthrough new study.” Unsurprisingly, 84 percent of customers prefer spending $1 rather than over $1; 81 percent say Americans should be given more choices in $1 breakfast options; and for these $1 options, 80 percent say options should include bacon.

New items debuting in the $1 Morning Value Menu include a Mini Skillet Bowl, Breakfast Soft Taco, and Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla. Other offerings include a Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Cinnabon Delights 2-Pack, Hash Brown, and small Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus.

Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer for Taco Bell, says, “We believe firmly in the power of research and strive to deeply understand our customers… While dollar menus disappear across America, Taco Bell is continuing to reinvent breakfast with delicious and unique menu items only Taco Bell can provide, with 10 items for $1 each.”

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The $1 Morning Value Menu is available at Taco Bell locations nationwide.