Taco Bell to Debut a Taco Shell Made of Fried Chicken This Month

Taco Bell is debuting the “Naked Chicken Chalupa” on Jan. 26, and it’s the next-generation Double Down

Thinking outside the bun and the tortilla.

Taco Bell is making room for something big. The fast-food brand is calling it a “Naked Chicken Chalupa,” and it debuts Jan. 26. But let’s call a spade a (fried) spade here: It’s really a taco shell made out of fried chicken.

The “fried chicken as a bread substitute” idea has been around for a while now. The KFC Double Down basically took the same concept and ran with it by replacing a bun with two slabs of fried chicken; a couple years later, KFC again created a pizza with fried chicken crust and dubbed it the “Chizza.”

Taco Bell’s spin on this fried concept is made with all-white, antibiotic-free, seasoned chicken formed into a shell and stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, Cheddar cheese, and avocado ranch sauce.


The Naked Chicken Chalupa has already been available as a test item in Bakersfield, California, and Kansas City, Missouri, for two years. But now, you’ll be able to get one nationwide in just two weeks for $2.99 each, or as part of a $5 box meal.